Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The Battle of Van Buren, Arkansas - Part Four

The Union troops poured down from Logtown Hill and onto the main street of Van Buren.
This is a modern view of the street. If the scene looks familiar to you, there is a reason. The downtown district in Van Buren is a well-known movie location. It served as a duplicate for World War II era Biloxi, Mississippi in the popular movie Biloxi Blues.
The Union troops stormed down the street seen here in pursuit of the retreating Confederates. Their arrival was so unexpected that citizens of the town were on the wooden sidewalks and in the street, going about their normal business. Union soldiers wrote numerous accounts of the scene, describing how amazed the citizens were as they suddenly charged through their midst.
The soldiers did not hesitate, however, but continued directly down the street past the old courthouse building to the riverfront.
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