Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Battle of Van Buren, Arkansas - Part Three

This is the view from Logtown Hill, now part of the city of Van Buren.

In 1862, it loomed over the northern edge of the city, providing a spectacular view of the community below, just as it provides a view of the historic downtown today. The water visible in the photograph is the Arkansas River and the city of Fort Smith lies beyond.

When the Federals reached this position on December 28, 1862, they could see a beehive of activity below.

General Herron was among those looking down on the scene. He reported, "Arriving on the hill overlooking the town, we found three steamboats leaving the wharf and the ferry, making good time over the river."

The Confederates were trying to get across the river before they could be attacked again and also hoped to get their steamboats to safety.

Hoping to intercept the withdrawal, the Union generals ordered their cavalry to charge the town and bluecoated horsemen began to stream down the hill into Van Buren.

Our series will continue. To read more before the next post, please visit www.exploresouthernhistory.com/vanburenbattle1.

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