Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some Arkansas Ghost Stories & Tales of the Unexplained

Since Halloween weekend is here, I thought you might enjoy a few tales of ghosts and unexplained events and things from Arkansas history.

Ghost stories are an important part of Southern culture and many have been handed down to us from our ancestors who once sat around fireplaces and campfires to tell stories on cold winter nights. These tales were a source of entertainment that fired the imagination long before the days of radio, tv and internet. Whether they are true or not is a matter of individual belief, but they are definitely part of our culture and remind us of days long past.

Here are a few stories from Arkansas that I've looked into over the years. If you know others, tell us about them by posting comments. I'd love to hear them.
You can always read more Southern ghost stories and legends at


Unknown said...

The National Archives would like to share a video with your readers about our Civil War exhibit, which opens November 10, 2010. Please let me know if you have a good email that I can send it to. Thanks!

Dale Cox said...

Sandra, Please write to us by visiting and we can provide you with information for transferring the video.