Monday, February 23, 2009

Civil War era cabin at Petit Jean State Park

This unique old cabin at Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas dates from before the Civil War and serves as an example of the type of home lived in by many of the mountain families of the Natural State during the conflict.

Built in 1845 by John Walker, the cabin was one of only two homes on Petit Jean Mountain at the time it was constructed. In 1859 it became the home of Owen and Jane West, who lived in it through the Civil War years. In fact, they raised a family of nine children in the one-room home. Five of the children were born here.

Such families lived by farming in the rocky soil of the mountain, by raising livestock and hunting. The area was plagued by guerrilla bands during the Civil War, but the little family somehow managed to survive.

The cabin has survived through the years and today is one of the oldest standing homes in Arkansas. It is located within Petit Jean State Park, a beautiful and historic area located atop Petit Jean Mountain that is noted for its views, waterfalls, rock formations and rich history.

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Vivian said...

Owen West is my great, great, great grandfather. He and other relatives are buried on Petit Jean. I am interested in learning more of the family history on Petit Jean Mountain.