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An Early 1863 Account of Confederate Losses at the Battle of Prairie Grove

Prairie Grove Battlefield
The following report appeared in the Washington, Arkansas, Gazette on January 7, 1863, one month after the bloody Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas. It provides an interesting summary of Confederate losses in the battle as provided by an officer from the front:
In a note accompanying the report Major Woodruff says that the official report of the losses in Gen. Shoup’s division was 721 killed, wounded and missing. Fagan’s brigade suffered the most. The killed on the field only 81; wounded , about 400; remainder missing. Dr. Keller told him that the hospital subjects numbered about 250 of the wounded; residue being slightly injured. In McRae’s brigade the killed numbered only about twenty-six.

Col. Pleasants had one of his legs broken – was doing well. Col. Polk, of Hawthorn’s regiment, was wounded mortally, and since died. Col. Young, of Jackson county, was killed.

Three of Capt. Blocker’s guns were temporarily captured by the enemy, but were soon recaptured by a most gallant charge of Hawthorn’s regiment, who, at the same time, took a stand of colors. We learn from another source that, in this charge, no less than one hundred and fifty-seven of the enemy were left dead on the field.

Gen. Hindman retired after the battle to the Arkansas river, in the vicinity of Fort Smith. No army could subsist where he was. The federal forces under Blount and Herron were, when last heard of, in the vicinity of Fayetteville.

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