Sunday, January 20, 2008

Prairie Grove Battlefield - The Right Flank

This photograph looks down the Battlefield Trail to the position of the Confederate right flank during the Battle of Prairie Grove. Taken from the front yard of the Borden House, the image shows the position of "Fighting Jo" Shelby's dismounted Southern cavalry in the distance.
Shelby's men formed the far right flank of the Confederate line.
After passing the Borden House, the trail leads on through the positions of Shelby's men and then turns down the ridge and passes along the ground across which Gen. Francis J. Herron's Union troops charged in their ill-fated attempt to drive the Confederates from the ridge.
For more information on the Prairie Grove Battlefield, including additional photographs, please visit and scroll down the page to the Index section. The link is under the "Arkansas" heading. We will continue posting more on the battlefield over the next few days.

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