Sunday, January 13, 2008

Prairie Grove Battlefield - Hindman Hall

Continuing our look at Prairie Grove Battlefield in Prairie Grove, Arkansas, this photograph shows Hindman Hall, the interpretive center, museum and book store for the park. In addition to museum exhibits featuring artifacts from the battlefield, Hindman Hall also offers an interpretive video on the Battle of Prairie Grove.
Visitors to the battlefield can also obtain tour brochures and an audio tour at the center. Located immediately adjacent to Hindman Hall are key battlefield areas, including a sector of the Confederate lines, monuments, markers and the chimney from the historic Rhea mill. Originally located on a site several miles away from the battlefield, the chimney was reassembled and restored at Prairie Grove to serve as a towering monument to the battle.
As always, you can read more about the Battle of Prairie Grove at Just scroll down to the index and look for the link.

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