Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hail Damage at Fort Smith National Historic Site

The Fort Smith area was hit by a major spring storm this week that resulted in damage to homes and businesses across the city.

Tennis ball size hailstones smashed windows, car windows, signs and even knocked holes in structural siding throughout the downtown area. As this photograph illustrates, the historic structures of Fort Smith National Historic Site were not immune.

Hail knocked out several windows in the Quartermaster's Storehouse (the stone building at left) and in the old Barracks, also known locally as "Judge Parker's Courthouse" (the red brick building in the center of the photograph). Fortunately, though, the historic structures were spared more severe damage.

As of today the smashed windows were boarded up, but the park remains open to the public and downtown Fort Smith is recovering well from the storm.

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