Thursday, April 3, 2008

Battle of Cane Hill, Part Eight

This is part eight of a nine part series on the Battle of Cane Hill, Arkansas. To read the previous posts first, please scroll down the page.
This view looks down into the Cove Creek Valley from the mountain separating the valley from the old Cane Hill settlements. The historic road followed by the troops ran through what is now a wooded area to the left of the modern road seen here.
Withdrawing ahead of the final Union attack on his lines along the crest of the mountain, Gen. Marmaduke fell back into the valley. He had successfully delayed Blunt's advance throughout the day, but with darkness approaching he decided to move his men back to a safer position.
The outnumbered Confederates pushed down the ridge to Cove Creek and turned south on the historic Cove Creek Road. Reforming his men from the fighting on the mountain, Gen. Blunt soon followed, despite the fact that the sun was beginning to set over the mountains to the west.
Our series on the Battle of Cane Hill, Arkansas, will conclude in our next post. You can always read more about the battle by visiting

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