Monday, February 9, 2009

Monument to Lt. Col. William H. Fayth - Ozark, Arkansas

This monument on the grounds of the Franklin County Courthouse in the beautiful little city of Ozark, Arkansas, honors Lt. Col. William H. Fayth of the 4th Arkansas Cavalry.

According to the stone, Fayth was killed four miles north of Ozark on June 23, 1864. He was 26 years old.

I have not been able to find information on this specific incident, so if anyone has anything I would appreciate you posting a comment and letting me know.

Col. Fayth was a hard fighting officer who had served with distinction at the Battle of Marks Mill and elsewhere during the Red River Campaign earlier in the year. His death took place as Confederate cavalry forces were sweeping north across the Natural State.

Ozark was then a small but important community on the Arkansas River. A key road led from the town up through the Ozarks to Fayetteville and was often used by the troops of both armies.

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