Thursday, February 28, 2008

Jenkins' Ferry State Park - Arkansas

The last major battle of the Arkansas phase of the Red River Campaign took place here at Jenkins' Ferry. The Battle of Jenkins' Ferry is commemorated by Jenkins' Ferry State Park, located 13 miles south of the city of Sheridan on Arkansas Highway 46. The park is an easy drive of less than one hour from Hot Springs, Little Rock and Pine Bluff.
The park is set along the picturesque Saline River and includes interpretive displays, a monument, picnic areas, a swimming hole and a boat ramp.
The actual battle was fought across the river from the park, but it provides interpretation of what happened in the Saline River swamps on April 29-30, 1864 and preserves the site of the actual ferry, where Union troops built a pontoon bridge across the river and made good their escape from Kirby Smith's attacking Confederate army. The retreat route led through the state park.
I'll have more on Jenkins' Ferry in the next post.

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